feverlights (feverlights) wrote,

Little XS (maybe S) red dress with cute collar and tie.

Emeraldy green dress, size XS/S.

Casual off-red dress, with two lovely little pockets down below, size S.

Brown glitter dress, size XS/S. (Does not come with leaf pin!)

Plain black skirt with elastic band, meant for size XS-S mostly.











size M

size S (i think)






size L

Black long-sleeved short length 'pull-over' cardigan, size S.

H&M, from the A Tribute to Marimekko line, great warm textile dress, tagged size 10.

Forever 21 brown/pink/orange geometric designs dress, size M.

Hot pink with plaid big ribbon clutch, holds quite a bit as it's rectangular shaped but the magnet makes it fold over like in the picture.

Forever 21 black and white heart print jumper dress, size S (i think).

Charlotte Russe tank top, size S (i think).

Salmon pink clutch, excellent vintage condition.

H&M mini polka-dot short-sleeved top.

Black hobo purse, want to clear this out, $3 + shipping.

New black dress with layered top and skirt design, $10.


Alice in Wonderland dress/costume, size XS/maybe S $10

Hammies top, size S. $3

The Limited, tagged size M, grey plain latch cardigan.

Gap grey ribbed hoodie, tagged size L i believe, but may fit M.

Dark magenta velour-like strappy dress, size XS/S.

Dark red tye-dyeish flower patterned tank top, size XS/S.

Multi-colored striped collared shirt, size S.

Cute colorful hearts tank top, with red heart buttons and cute red straps.

Black 100% cashmere turtleneck sweater, size S.

No Appt Necessary black dress, size S. Great for that formal event.

Apricot/peach collared shirt, size M/6 (?), excellent condition.

Aeropostale striped tank, size XS.

Dark grey latch cardigan, The Limited, size M.

Gap red sweater

Colorful funky plaid dress, tagged size 4. (a little bit brighter and not as contrasty as this photo)

books anyone, anyone? Smoke and Mirrors & Catcher in the Rye and Jesus Land gone

Betsey Johnson NWT bikini bottom.

Black heavy warm knit jacket, size S/maybe M.

Baby blue very lolita top, size XS/S.

Purple plaidy top, this is pretty cool but it has two small holes on the left side of the stomach. size S, maybe M.

Purple skirt with satin ribbon bow, size XS/S.

Roxy polo long-sleeved shirt, a light subtle pink, size L.

Dark grey-ish wristwear.

Forever21 dark navy blue long-sleeved top with piping and fluttering out bottom, i'm going to guess size S for now.

Boatnecky nautical tank, Gap size S.

Plain green tee, great quality, Caslon size S.

H&M simple black v-cut top, size M. Would like to clear this out!

Merona blue lacey v-cut t-top, size S.

Pepe yellow long-sleeved shirt, size XS/S.

Vintage pink with assymetrical stripes going on, size M

Intricate prairie a little lower than knee-length skirt, very beautiful detail at the bottom, size S/maybe small M.

red shorts, may fit size M, please ask for more info.

Soprano pretty little red dress, retailed for $38 NWT, size S. $6.50

Xhilaration cool colors top, size S.

Vintagey tweedy skirt, around size 3ish.

Aeropostale perky sky blue top, tagged size M, would estimate S size though.

Forever 21 lavender pink top, size S-ish.

Black crinoline tank top, size XS/S

Gray short-sleeved button up dress with tie-around, a bit lighter than in the photo. Size S/M.

Short-sleeved off-pink sort of coral pink top

Pink scarf print on grey tee, size M.

Gothic type dress (from Hot Topic), size L

Unique light pink tank top with a swooping frilly and lace across the front, size XS/small S

Purple pastel intricate quarter sleeved top with cinched flattering v-cut. Size S.

Long fun pop art organic top with tie-around, size M

Kindergarten Drawing hoodie, size XS/S. New, excellent quality, never been worn. One of a kind!

Yellow long-sleeved textured shirtwith two buttons at top, size XS/S.

Old Navy sheer and soft yellow top, size M.

Teen pop art hoodie, size XS/S. New, excellent quality, never been worn. One of a kind!

Nautical short-sleeved hoodie, size XS/S (more on the XS side), New, excellent quality, never been worn. One of a kind!

H&M faded (purposely) black and white hoodie, size 4, would be best for XS.

Coral cardigan, size XS/S

DKNY (xs) black long-sleeved shirt with detailing around collar

Black halter top with v-neck detailing. (xs/s)

David Warren (size 4) snakeskin jacket, excellent condition, never worn.

Super shiny black halter tank-top, great for clubbing look. (s)

American Eagle long-sleeved top, tagged size M.

Yellow Free People blouse, floral detail, for a bright peasant/boho look. (s)

Murky dark green vest, size XS, new with tags.

Mimi Chica turquoise (a little greener than in the pic) mini-skirt with satin ribbon skirt, size S.


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