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ALSO Please look at the BENTO section in feverlights if you want certain items or to add them to your order, for combined shipping :)

Unisex large one-tier latch bento box, pair of matching chopsticks (blue and red), tiny onigiri rice mold.

Kuttarin Bento and Piyo Bento boxes, brand new, never been used, only have been in storage.


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Mayonnaise containers, or you could put things like Butter also in it.


Bear, Ladybug, Cow set of spoons $1 / Set of Forks $1

Chopsticks with mascot magnet! TOO CUTE!
Star Bear / Usagi / Hamu / Strawberry / Penguin

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Animal Spoons, set of 3 for $1 only!

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Set of 3 animal forks - blue bear, yellow rabbit, orange elephant! JUST $1 each for a set!

FOODIES Bento Dividers / FRUITS&VEGGIES Bento Dividers


, Pic 1
Strawberry Bento Band


Shinkansen (napkin?)



, Close-up
Silicone pot holder, also works as non-slip mat and jar opener!


Heart Cake Pan / Heart Cake Ring


Decoration Sheet, for baking, but can also be used for bento

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Rabbit Cake Mold (front and back view)


Ice Candy (popsicles) set


Lamb / Cutlery / Bear bento belts


Set of 6 Heart and Star Cutters

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Mini Bear, Heart, Star cutters

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Mini Cookie Cutters, Dog Car and Fish


Doggie-Woogie 3 tier "Picnic" Bento Box, more pics: 1, 2, 3

Pink Polka-dot 1 tier bento box

have this but in a different color, the whole thing is white and the latch part is blue. Unisex 1 tier large bento box.

Note: i do not overcharge on shipping! it just depends on the weight.

SOME BENTO GUIDELINES (varies from each bento) :

- please wash packing well after removing it from lid.
2 please check the heat and cold resistant labels on bottom of product, before use
- be sure to wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent-filled sponge or soft cloth before use
- polishing with scrubbers or plate powder may scratch surface
- keep product in a horizontal position in carrying, since soup may be leaked
- keep product away from open flame
- do not wash in dishwasher or dishdryer
- please do not store in freezer
- when used with foods with deep color or coled with artificial colorant, box may be stained
- wash and dry well after using lunch box
- please retain package

- do not heat with product empty
- heat this product with little moisture or little volume in a shorter time
- be sure to remove the lid when using
- when heating in microwave oven , follow instructions
- do not heat oily foods like meat suauce , stew, curry fried foods, etc in this product since temp may exceed upper limit.
= do not use in auto heating function (i.e. Omakase function)
do not use in microwave oven running with oven function
- do not eat for extended period of time


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